Dr. Thies' Patents in Microencapsulation

With 44 years of dedication to microencapsulation research and development, and 27 years in business as an innovator in microcapsule science, Dr. Thies' patents have indisputable commercial value. Contact Dr. Thies with your particular custom encapsulation projects.


U.S. 7,192,993 (March 20, 2007), with Stephenson and , Self-Healing Coating and Microcapsules to Make Same.

U.S. 6,506,397 B1 (Jan. 14, 2003), "Pest Controlling¨.

U.S. 5,705,197 (Jan. 1, 1998), with J. Van Hamont, R.H. Reid, C. McQueen and J. Setterstrom, Extraction Process for Producing PLGA Microspheres.

U.S. 6,004,571 (Dec.21, 1999), Simulated Insect Eggs.¨

U.S. 5,705,197, 1998 (January 1, 1998), with Van Hamont, J., Reid, R., McQueen, J., and Setterson, J., Hybrid Solvent Evaporation-Extraction Process for Producing PLGA Microspheres¨. Also PCT/EP 95/03953 (06/10/95).

U.S. 5,693,343 (December 2, 1997). with Reid, R., Van Hamont, J., Boedecker, E., and Brown, W., Microparticle Carriers of Maximal Uptake Capacity by Both M Cell and Non-M Cells¨.

U.S. 6,087,003 (1994) with J-P Benoit, H. Rolland, and V. Vande Velde, Method of Coating Particles¨. Also see PCT/EP 95/03953 (06/10/95) (European Patent 0,784,506 B1, February 17, 1999).

U.S. 5,441,878 (1995), with A. Stanisz, Preparation of Uniform Droplets by Using Gas Pressure to Force Liquid from a Syringe and Flowing Gas to Detach Droplets.

U.S. 5,118,528, with H. Fessi, J.-P. Devissaguet, and F. Puisieux, Method of formation of colloidal nanoparticles,; also see FR 2,608,988 (Dec 31, 1986), with H. Fessi, J.-P. Devissaguet, and F. Puisieux.

U.S. 4,622,244 (Nov. 11, 1986), with G.G. Lapka and N.S. Mason, Process for Preparation of Microcapsules.

U.S. 4,565,841 (January 21, 1986) Spirit duplicating with indicia formed by ink comprising dye means and smudge-resistant binder means soluble in spirit duplicating fluid.

U.S. 4,464,317 (August 7, 1984), with F. Linek, Method of encapsulating active agents with inorganic coatings.

U.S., 3,830,734 (1974), with M.G. Wingard, S.W. Werkmeister, and W.B. Anthony, Capsule columns for liquid-liquid extraction.

U.S. 3,694,246 (1972), with A. Purcell, M. Bank,, and J. Leffingwell, Method of using display device utilizing polymer/polymer miscibilities.

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