Thies Technology,Inc

Thies Technology,Inc
COMPANY AND FACILITIES Thies Technology is an independent company dedicated to the research and development of new encapsulation techniques. We also have our own product line which includes microcapsules with everyday applications. Through our commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence, Thies Technology has become a trusted leader in the microencapsulation industry. Our cutting edge technology base and tenured application experience enables Thies Technology to handle any of your custom encapsulation needs. From research to production, our facilities give us access to state-of-the-art equipment, including an HPLC and a Scanning Electron Microscope. A computerized reactor allows the scale up of a number of our encapsulation techniques while controlling process parameters such as temperature and pH. The microencapsulation specialists at Thies Technology are always ready to work with you on any custom encapsulation projects.

THE PRESIDENT Dr. Thies, President and Scientific Director of Thies Technology, has 40 years of encapsulation experience. This gives us a strong knowledge base from which we can draw when dealing with new situations. This extensive experience also makes it easier for us to design a new, novel capsule that meets your needs.

Dr. Thies taught polymer, surface, colloid, and materials sciences courses at Washington University in St. Louis for 29 years. He was chosen Engineering Professor of the Year four times by Washington University engineering students. He was head of the Polymer/Microencapsulation Research Section at NCR in Dayton, Ohio for seven years. He has lectured globally about capsules at numerous seminars and published extensively on the subject.

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